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AA Group Holdings

AA Group Holdings Ltd. was listed on the Catalist Board of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited in 2005 with its primary business in the manufacturing and supply of high-precision cold forged loudspeaker parts. In 2017, the Group underwent a transformation as it ventured into new business segments and subsequently divested its initial business. The divestment was completed in January 2018 and the Group now focuses on the new businesses below:

Manufacturing of articles of concrete, cement and plaster, and these relating to general contractors

We provide value-added and cost competitive manufacturing solutions to the construction sector with various product mix of structural and non-structural precast concrete products, that are suitable for all types of civil and construction works.

Leasing and service income

Through our purpose built industrial complex spanning over a land size of 75,000 square metres and a gross floor area of over 53,000 square metres, we provide a one-stop high value-added general warehousing and logistics services, industrial and office space for engineering, manufacturing and industrial training and workers’ dormitory facilities.

Supply and manufacturing of ready-mix concrete, precast component and related products

We supply ready-mix concrete in Singapore to various customers in the construction and civil engineering sector and the ready-mix concrete is a specialised business whereby very stringent criterion are set. Ready-mix concrete refers to concrete that have been weigh-batched at the batching plant, mixed inside a mixer in the plant itself or in a mechanical concrete mixer mounted on a truck chassis while in transit from the plant. The ready-mix is thus delivered in a “readyto-use” state to its intended destination and ultimate location at the construction site. The ready-mix concrete industry is a support industry to the construction industry, where the construction industry constitutes one of the main sectors of Singapore’s economy.